2MM Glue System Vinyl Flooring Teraflor Premium

TERAFLOR PREMIUM Vinyl Click tile is known as PVC tile.  
We provide sustainable living concepts, low-carbon, environmentally friendly, trendy products and thus giving people a more healthy, comfortable and stylish choice.
The commitment to quality and professionalism is our responsibility and mission.
We are the only vinyl tile supplier with full range of DESIGNER COLORS.

VS3923 Lentini

VS3616 Scratched Concrete

VS3615 Oriental Slate

VS3412 African Slate

VS3212 Rustic Slate

VS3141 Cement

VS3121 Metallic Slate

VW3783 Century Birch

VW3519 Metallic Wenge

VW3514 Toro Oak

VW3311 Weather Pine

VW3211 Huckleberry Pine

VW3118 Chambord Oak

VW3115 Mystique Acacia

VW3114 Wild Oak

VW3078 European Maple

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